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Kings Park Equestrian Centre

Spectator Spot - Rylana Stauffer Clinic

Spectator Spot - Rylana Stauffer Clinic

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Tickets are available for each day and include:

  • Spectator spot for all lessons 
  • Comfortable seating and tables are provided in the indoor arena, 
  • Ample parking, toilet facilities adjacent to main car park


  • Coffee Van is open both days for Coffee/Tea and Cold Drinks

Pre Order and collect from the coffee van:

  • Continental Breakfast Box (collect after 7:00am)
  • VIP Picnic Basket (collect after 10:00am)


Luxury Tiny Cabins

  • Tiny Grey Gum
  • Tiny Tallowood


  • Powered and Non powered sites with shower and toilet facilities




Academic Art of Riding is the effort to rediscover the European art of riding of the past centuries. Unlike in contemporary times, horses were mainly used in warfare, in agriculture and for transportation. A well educated horse was a precious commodity and, for example, a knight’s or soldier’s life would depend on it. From ancient times, people have taken great care to educate horses in a way that they will be healthy until old age. Already de la Guerinere (18th century) complained that the art of riding was getting lost and only very few masters wrote about it.

Since then, the interest in a slow and thorough education of the horse has become less and less. For the big wars at the end of the 19th and the beginning of the 20th century, the cavalry demanded for a fast education of both horse and soldier, and with the invention of the automobile, more and more machinery, and tanks, the horse lost its use for the human. With the devastation and poverty of the years after World War II, owning and breeding horses became a luxury. If it had not been for the use of the horse in sports, its popularity would not have reached today’s heights.

Academic Art of Riding is an effort to rediscover the teachings of old grandmasters so it’s very advanced high-level dressage but it’s very accessible to a normal leisure rider. 

It specialises in breaking things down into understandable bite-sized education steps that are grounded in biomechanics. 

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